Zabin, Marius

Technique : Oil

Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1956, Marius Zabin now lives in France.

It was as a young child that Marius Zabin started to paint and draw. After finishing High School, he went on to the Varsovy Beaux-Arts Academy where he studied art conservation while remaining captivated by painting and drawing. At the age of twenty-five, after studying for 4 years, he moved to France because of the uncertain political climate in Poland. To earn a living he worked as a conservator and restorer; meanwhile he continued to paint and show.

In his work, Zabin focuses on light and ambiance never forgetting the importance of detail. He creates with spontaneity giving his work freshness and authenticity. Depending on the subject, he likes to give more importance to one element ; water, light or the environment. People are also very present in his work. Since 1978, he has taken part in a great many exhibitions in Europe, Japan and the United States.