Technique : Mixed media

Born in California in 1965, Tommy studied art history at Santa Monica College in California, and later studied architecture and interior design. However, he still felt incomplete and had a sense of unfulfillment for many years. Aware of his strengths and skills, he new he needed to pursue creation. With a passion for aesthetics and beauty, Tommy dabbled in different fields ranging from the design of high-end furniture to silversmith work. Over the years, Tommy became an upscale interior designer, designing projects for the rich and famous.

It was only in the past years that the need to evolve as an artist emerged and once again Tommy found himself in unfamiliar territory. Pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Mars always influenced him when creating. Growing up in California exposed Tommy to Mexican culture and vibrant colours. He started using recycled wood and other materials and drawing on all his previous experiences, seeking his own path.

The long journey that led Tommy to this point delivered instant results. He finally felt he was on the right track. In his words: “If I lived this life with out painting – what a tragic life I would have lived”. Tommy feels today his art is evolving together with him and his journey in life. He is full of ideas and unable to slow down his pace of creation. Expressing his feelings and thoughts artistically and rapidly as though addicted to a toxic drug, Tommy is a truly devoted artist.

Tommy delivers a nostalgic but authentic feeling. The combination of colours, materials and subjects is a genuine nod to early pop culture. A vintage look is one of Tommy’s trademarks.