Sutherland, Kirk

Technique : Acrylic

Kirk Sutherland, painter

Kirk Sutherland is a Toronto based artist. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1991.

He has exhibited his work for over 25 years under the representation of many art galleries. Many of Sutherland’s works are represented in both private and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

His creative process bridges and amalgamates both intuitive, and conscience realities. It could be said that Sutherland’s paintings do not imitate life, but perhaps harness the energy and the essence of life.

I feel the process is equally as important as the finished piece. I find myself channeling to a higher energy or light, in which the medium, the action, and the paintbrush are an umbilical between the soul, the essence and that of the material world”.

Kirk Sutherland is influenced consciously, and sub-consciously by his surroundings as well as by the formal elements of art and the materials he creates with. The two predominant elements in Sutherland’s work are his keen sensibility towards colour, and his use of pictorial space.