Technique : Acrylic

Skoko, painter

Olga Skokova was born in 1985 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. In 2008, she obtained her BA in visual arts at the University of Yekaterinburg. Skoko then studied for two years at the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in the same city, where she specialized in monumental art, specifically in the production of frescoes and stained glass windows.

In 2012, she moved to Tel Aviv in Israel and worked in a theatre. She wears many hats, including artistic director, set designer, and costume designer.

Later, and still in Tel Aviv, she worked as a jewelry designer, and also worked with an exclusive clothing company, designing upscale evening dresses.

Her interest in painting dancers and social gatherings as her subjects comes from her vast and varied career. Her paintings are rich with texture, showing the effects of movement, and her enchanting characters in chic outfits create a festive atmosphere.