Skeir, Shawn

Technique : Mixed media

Shawn Skeir, painter

Shawn Skeir has been a figure of the Canadian art scene for over two decades. His paintings, murals and drawings can be found in collectors’ homes, buildings, hotels, magazines, advertising, and fashion. He has gained recognition and representation in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

Seemingly spontaneous, the fluidity of bold lines conveys an intense degree of concentration. This, combined with his striking use of optical effects and colour theory, exposes how both positive and negative space echo back and forth through the deft use of his palette.

In his “Weaving Landscapes”, Skeir has developed a new series of multi-layered paintings with innovative colour-schemes, painting techniques and moods, creating a meditative yet energizing experience.

These new works were inspired by colour palettes and landscapes he encountered on recent travels through Greece and the Swiss Alps. The meditative value of experiencing grand vistas some 4000 metres above sea level contrasting with those of the Aegean Sea were what guided his inspiration. Through lines of majestic hues, continuous movement is created which carries the viewer to soaring sky heights, and ocean depths.