Schroeder, Virginie

Technique : Mixed media

Virginie Schroeder, painter

Virginie was born in Algrange, Moselle (France) in 1976. She now resides in Québec.

Virginie Schroeder's elaborate artworks explore the relationship between organic and geometric forms. She sets out lines, shapes, colors and textures to create works whose technical aspect and playfulness complement each other. The resulting creation seeks to intrigue and lead viewers to question the abstract forms that are seen at first glance. As audiences make their way around the piece, and as closer observation takes place, the image becomes more precise. The artist seeks to create a dialogue between the work and her audience.

Virginie's process begins with a realistic sketch of her subject, which she slices and deconstructs, before applying a medium to define the lines of the face. She then overlaps different layers of acrylic and oil paint, applying the colors with a syringe and reworking them with a palette knife. Once satisfied with this meticulously created harmony, Virginie peels away the original layer of medium to reveal the final composition. The mixture of bright, fluorescent colors creates contrasts that highlight the vibrant line-work and give depth to the portrait. It is by paying close attention to the details of the face that she builds dynamic images that seem to morph as the viewer's gaze continues. Virginie Schroeder knows how to combine her search for aesthetic perfection, with the playful and surprising aspects of her work.

Media coverage

  • Parcours, November 2010-February 2011, pg. 86-87