Savard, Doris

Technique : Mixed media

Born in Chicoutimi in 1961, Doris Savard currently lives and works in Montreal.

Doris Savard holds a Visual Arts certificate from Bishop's University. She has attended several painting, collage and drawing workshops in various private schools across Quebec including Les Ateliers d’art Seymour Segal (Montreal), l’Académie Arts et Beaux-arts (Montreal) and l’Académie des beaux-arts Sylvia Araya (Quebec) to name a few. Since 1999, this talented artist has fully dedicated her time to her artwork.

Represented by several galleries across Canada and the United States, Doris is now a well established Canadian artist. Her growing reputation in Europe and the United States has begun to attract many art collectors and fans of her work. Her paintings are sold worldwide, and are found in many private and public collections.

"As Matisse is still my biggest inspiration, I choose to put positive vibes into my work. I want my art to be a positive and refreshing break from all the negativity that surrounds us.

Colour is what motivates me, I love it! I use a lot of red in my work. To me, red is life; pure energy. As well, passion, spontaneity, and sensuality are emotions that are always present in my paintings, combined with attention to composition and harmony.

Through the agony and ecstasy of my creative process, I give myself wholly. I paint from within, allowing me to fully express my true colours."

Media coverage

  • Three paintings selected for the English version of the television series 19-2
  • International Contemporary Masters volume 7, p. 332
  • Traces magazine, February 2012, p.10-11
  • Blog interview, 2010
  • Parcours, Spring Edition 2008, p.86-87
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  • 2nd Prize Frelighsburg Symposium, 2002
  • Audience Award, "Controversy" exhibition, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Artistic events (selection)

  • Salon du Design de Montréal 2014 (SIDIM), QC, Canada
  • Toronto Art expo 2013, ON, Canada
  • New-York Art Expo 2013, U.S.A