Saucier, Guylaine

Technique : Oil, watercolour

Born in 1960, Guylaine Saucier is originally from Louiseville in the Mauricie region. She obtained a bachelor's degree in modern languages at Laval University before embarking on a career in the art world. She studied visual arts at the University of Sherbrooke. Saucier now resides in Trois-Rivières.

From the beginning of her career in 1984, Saucier’s exhibitions were a resounding success with the public. Saucier works primarily in oil and watercolour. Her brushstrokes are spontaneous, confident gestures. Saucier's paintings have been exhibited in many galleries across Canada for over twenty years.

A painter of childhood memories, Guylaine Saucier transports us into the world of her characters with grace and delicacy. Swarms of children in the country of camaraderie, candid faces, primary colours, softness and simplicity of gesture emanate from the work of the artist.

With this unique way of making her characters, she often transforms mundane scenes of everyday life into memorable and enchanting moments, leaving the viewers enough space to interweave their own memories.

"My brush stroke is simple, the features are refined, which works well when I paint children."

"I feel freer when I paint children. Adults are more rigid in their attitudes acquired through their every day life... My first inspiration is my childhood. Childhood for me was a special moment in life that I enjoy to recreate."

"I am not an academician, I do not rack my brain to define my art. What matters to me is to get the message, to release emotions." G. Saucier

Guylaine Saucier is also a writer and has published three novels: Motel Plage St-Michel (VLB, 1986), Sarabande (Québec/Amérique, 1992) et Le Cheval habillé de bleu (Leméac, 2001).