Santarelli, Serge

Technique : Oil

Image in black and white of artist Serge Santarreli painting a new artworkSerge Santarelli is a French painter born in Chambéry in 1954. With impressionist sensibilities, the artist likes to paint on location, to capture the changing light found in the different places that inspire him. He seeks to highlight the regions that he adores and present them through his lens. Following traditional techniques, he works the oil with lively gestures, using spots of colour to recreate the light and forms in a suggestive way. Self-taught, Santarelli depicts a range of themes from city scenes to abstracts. His impressionist touch allows him to focus sometimes on purely abstract shapes and colors, and other times on the urban landscapes that have had an influence on his life.

Serge Santarelli has been painting for 50 years, and is one of the independent artists of Paris, the Lyon fine arts society, and the Savoy fine arts society. The artist has also participated in numerous international exhibitions, at which he has obtained several awards.