Saint-Amant, Étienne

Technique : digital print (pigmented inks on paper)

Étienne Saint-Amant, digital painter

Étienne Saint-Amant was born in 1978 in Sherbrooke. With a Masters in science and media-related art, Saint-Amant is both a researcher in cerebral imaging by nuclear magnetic resonance as well as a creator of 2D artwork that he achieves through the use of mathematics.

The computer is his creative tool, his virtual canvas. The images he creates, with the help of different mathematical formulas he invents, are then printed in 5 examples. He prints them on polyester paper or on professional photography paper. These are then sealed on an aluminum sheets and covered with an antiglare acrylic sheet that accentuates the contemporary look of his art.

His interests are varied and broad; his source of inspiration comes from different fields such as history, philosophy, cinema, literature, music, and of course, visual art and science. His artistic endeavour lies on the theory of chaos, complex analysis, and technical imagery.

His scientific knowledge is useful to him in the creation of his images. For Saint-Amant, chaos must not only be apprehended in its unstable and disorganized nature, but it also generates a powerful, creative force in constant evolution.

It is this vision of nature and of thought that nourishes his creative process. To realize these images, Saint-Amant's procedure is everything but scientific. He mostly goes by intuition and trial and error. Beforehand, to realize his creations, Saint-Amant was working with mathematical formulas already existent; today he conceives his own formulas.

In the Beauchamp Art Galleries, Étienne Saint-Amant presents numerical pieces with delicate forms. His compositions are extremely complex and refined. They represent urban scenes, imaginary landscapes, or simply shapes of different colours and sizes.

Étienne Saint-Amant is a young innovative artist. He was selected in 2010 to represent Canada during a universal exhibition in Shangai. He also won the 3rd prize during the Spring Salon at the Beaux-Arts Museum of Sherbrooke. He was also attributed the artistic bursary by the city of Sherbrooke. This upcoming artist is sure to amaze us for the years to come.

Media coverage

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