Rousseau, Myriam

Technique : Acrylic

Myriam Rousseau, painter

Myriam Rousseau is a painter born in Quebec City, now based in Montreal where she continues to create. The artist studied at the Claude Watson School for the Arts and Laval University. She also studied dance at the National Ballet School of Canada and at the Contemporary Dance School in Montreal. Rousseau's works can be seen in several galleries across Canada.

Her knowledge of the world of dance is transposed into her art through the study of animals, as she represents their strength, their grace and their fragility. She also has a strong affinity for minimalism. She was greatly inspired by watching her grandmother practice the two Japanese artistic traditions of Sumi-e painting and Ikebana floral arranging. These two Japanese artistic practices attempt to capture the essence of their studied subjects. Sumi-e is a type of painting that focuses on minimalist brushstrokes, where large spaces are suggestive of their surroundings. Her animal subjects came to her when she moved into her current home. She imagined a buffalo running in the snow across one of the large white walls of her new house. This imaginary scene inspired the Animals in Motion series.

Of course, Rousseau is a lover of the outdoors and of animals. The artist is greatly inspired by the magnificence of nature and Myriam approaches her work with gratitude and admiration. With this strong enthusiasm for the natural world, the artist donates 3% of her sales to different ecological organizations throughout the year.