Robins, Lenore


Artist Lenore Diamond Robins was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, along with her younger brother and sister. Her father was a psychiatrist and her mother a social worker. After her daughter was born, she began looking for new ways to be creative and productive. Lenore started looking for artwork for her home, but ended up making it herself. Her early pieces were made of cloth, paper and finally, wood. The walls of her home became her gallery. Friends who visited encouraged her to show and sell her art.

That encouragement led her to the local outdoor art circuit for several years. Then she discovered The Artists’ Guild of the Boca Raton Museum of Art had a gallery for local artists. She began to show her art at the Guild Gallery and became very involved with the organization, ultimately being elected President and helping to grow the organization from 225 members to over 500! Never having taken formal art classes, she eagerly listened to the constructive criticism of other Guild members.



Infusing shapes with energy surpassing their underlying geometric basis through the use of three dimensional space, vibrant color and the light bending characteristics of high gloss resin are the foundations upon which my 3D wall art is conceived. Bold colors in strong patterns generate my distinctive, immediately recognizable style which has been described as “Pop Art That Really Pops!”
With consistent technique and materials, my art ranges from serious black and white color studies, to vibrant, multi-colored geometric designs, to giant puzzles, and even to whimsical flowers and fish. All are distinctly recognizable as my creations. Each unique piece is wood-based, painted with acrylics and final coated with a beautiful high gloss resin finish. The resin is hand-mixed, hand-poured and blow torched, a technically very challenging process which has taken years to master. Variation in the final finish is part of the unique nature of each artwork. The finished art appears to be made of glass rather than wood.
My art requires no additional framing. I believe that a purchase of original art should be an investment in art, not in commercial framing. This belief has strongly influenced how I create my art.
My art is represented by several galleries across the US and in Florida and has been purchased by collectors from many parts of the globe including Austria, Canada, Colombia, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, and the USA.