Roberts, Goodridge

Technique : Oil, watercolour

Roberts Goodridge was born on the 24th of September in 1904 (1904-1974) in Barbados to Canadian parents. He is known for his landscape paintings of Quebec.

Raised by a family of poets, he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, from 1923-1925. From 1926-1928, he studied at the Art Students League of New York with John Sloan, Max Weber, and Boardman Robinson. Here, he discovered the works of French Modernism and of primitive Italians such as Giotto.

At the end of his studies, he worked as a designer for an entire year before moving to Ottawa in 1930. He then taught art for the Ottawa Art Association where he was also able to exhibit his work. He then created a summer school of art close to Wakefield in the Gatineau Valley.

He had a solo exhibition for the first time in 1932 at the Club des Arts de Montreal. Four years later, after having passed three years as the first resident artist of Queen’s University in Kingston, he went to Montreal where he joined Ernest Neuman. Together they opened the Roberts-Neuman School of Art.

In 1938, Roberts joined the Eastern Group of painters and in 1939, where he exhibited at the New York World Fair. He taught at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from 1940-1952. From 1943-1945 he was an official war artist for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In 1953, Roberts Goodridge received a scholarship that enabled him to go paint in Europe where he passed several months in Paris, Italy, and on the Cote d’ Azure.

In 1959, he was the first artist in residence at the University of New-Brunswick.

In 1969, the Beaux Arts Museum of Canada presented a retrospective of his work, unusual, at the time, for an artist who was still alive.