Poulin, Katia

Technique : Mixed media

Katia Poulin, painter

Katia Poulin was born in Quebec city in 1971. The beginning of her career started as a self-taught artist, but later on in life, Katia studied Visual Arts at the Rivière-du-Loup and Sainte-Foy colleges in Quebec.

Her artwork is the reflection of a young generation not only interested in classic literature but also in the interaction between human beings. By using various media such as pastel, charcoal, oil, acrylic, gold leaf, and glaze, Katia Poulin transports us to futuristic atmospheres. Her monochrome colours are soothing to the eye, setting free an aroma of tranquility and peace. Her elegant art forms evoke the individualism of people living in the metropolis without forgetting the poetic feeling and the sensuality of ancient art.

Amongst the titles Katia has chosen for her paintings are : The outsider , The philosopher , Rendez-vous with our soul mate, and Liberty. Thus, one is not surprised to know that Katia paints her dreams, her longings. In each of her paintings, one that looks attentively can also notice that Katia leaves behind a small portion of her soul, making her work all that more exquisite and unique.

Her work does not only overflow with emotion, the artist’s sensitivity shines through, leaving no one indifferent. Her work is of the future, yet one is seized by its nostalgia of the past. Or perhaps is it melancholy of a time that is lost, of a past life her memory allows her to remember in dreams only? Such questions one asks oneself while contemplating Katia’ s paintings for they have so much to say, while revealing very little. Mystical to the point of being magical, all part of the mystery that encompasses Katia’ s paintings. Or, is it this young artist who is the enigma?


  • The Faubourg Saint -Jean Baptiste Art Gallery
  • Symposium at the Sainte-Foy Artistic Society
  • Solo exposition at the Café du Temps Perdu

Media Coverage

  • Magazin’ Art, Autumn 2004 edition, article pg.99 (French version), pg.127 (English version)