Porter, Elene

Technique : Acrylic

Élène Porter, painter

Elene Porter has a BA in Graphic Communications from Laval University in Quebec City. She specializes in medical illustration and has been working in education in the health network for 20 years. She is also a graphic design graduate from Toronto’s Sheridan College.

Her pictorial approach stems from her illustration background, in that it merges current digital graphics tools for the preparatory work with those of traditional painting, to complete her artworks. At the beginning of her creative process, Porter creates digital sketches to guide the composition of her works. In front of the screen, she plays with the volume of superimposed images and adjusts the colours. Then, in front of her canvas, she uses an "alla prima" or "wet-on-wet" technique, which encourages spontaneity and simplifies her process. In our galleries she displays beautiful, close-up florals, and an array of playful animal portraits. Her layered brushstrokes and vibrant hues are signature characteristics of her work.