Plante, Denise

Technique : Oil

Denise Plante was born in Sorel, Quebec, in 1940.

She began painting at a very young age. Her passion for art pushed her early on to take part in various painting, drawing and batik workshops. After doing batik professionally for many years, she returned gradually to her first love, painting. A native and resident of Sorel, her work is inspired by the peaceful landscape of the region, particularly the wild beauty of the islands. Her realist and figurative style captures, in all its intensity , the serene and peaceful ambiance of the surrounding landscape. Her work combines luminous and velvet like colours, thus reflecting her creative imagination.

Media coverage

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  • Aciers Inoxydables Atlas, Tracy
  • Commission scolaire de Tracy
  • Fagen International, St-Joseph de Sorel
  • Financière, Banque Nationale, Sorel
  • The Citadel, Quebec
  • Town of Sorel