Pereira, Alonso

Technique : Oil

Alonso Pereira was born in Columbia and now lives in Costa Rica.

He has followed many private painting lessons under the surveillance of Master painters such as; Giangrandi, Liliana Ramos, and Guillermo Porras. Today, his work tends to pivot around the representation of female portraits. Through these, the artist does not seek to imitate his models with precision and intricate details, but rather bring forth their facial physical characteristics.

Young women portrayed in an idealized fashion are present in the artist’ s paintings. The women’ s traits are very defined when the background is not. Abstract spots, lines, signs, and splashes of colour mix and blend with the faces that are represented on the foreground of the painting. Alonso Pereira transports the spectator into an imaginary world where shapes and textures vary. Alonso leaves it up to the spectator to interpret the paintings as he pleases.

Solo Expositions 

  • 2006 - Old San José Gallery Joaquin Garcia Monge
  • 2004 - Gallery Theatre
  • 1887 - Ministry of Culture, Costa Rica
  • 2003 - INA, Hacienda Museum

Collective Expositions

  • 2006 - Valuarte, Costa Rica
  • 2004 - Melico Salazar Theatre, Costa Rica
  • 2003 - Legislative Assembly, Costa Rica
  • 2002 - Country Club, Costa Rica
  • 1997 - National Exposition, Bogota, Columbia
  • 1996 - Local Exposition, Bogota, Columbia


  • 2006 - Valuarte, Honourable Mention
  • 2003 - Second prize at the contest Countryside Sceneries, Guapiles, Costa Rica