Technique : Digital collage mounted on acrylic light box

The amalgam Pebo is the combination of the first letters of the names of this artist duo formed by father: Paul-Émile and son: Oliver.

Paul-Émile Beaulne was born in 1941 in Montebello and currently resides in Montreal. He is best known in Quebec for his achievements in the field of communications, particularly in radio and television. He has always cultivated a passion for photography and its applications in digital processing.

Oliver Beaulne was born in Montreal in 1971 and currently lives on the south shore of his hometown. While pursuing a career as a songwriter under the pseudonym of Oliver Haze, he developed a particular interest in photography and its multiple applications. His passion for art, forms and light led him to create this unique concept which adds a new dimension to his photographs.

This is how a common passion gave birth to Pebo.

" For me, it is important to present works that present a new dimension, so I print my images on irregular shapes and have a backlight. With digital collage and photography, the print is mounted on an acrylic sheet that I transform. With their brilliance, light and particular shape, my works are unique." Olivier Beaulne