Technique : Mixed media

Niko, painter

Born in Montreal, Nicole Mathieu, also known under the artistic name of Niko, was raised amongst a family of artists. She used to work in the fashion world in California and New York, but always knew she would eventually become a painting artist.Her nomadic character has given her the possibility of traveling everywhere, particularly in Europe, allowing her therefore, to evolve in various fields.

Upon her return to Montreal in 1988, she took lessons in therapeutic Arts with Nicole Bolduc. At this point in time, her true passion for painting continued and it's worth saying that 1988 underlines the beginning of her career that, today, has granted her enough stability to be able to paint daily.

The energy that Niko draws from meditation and yoga is reflected in her work, the latter glaring in rough, bright and impulsive colours.

Moreover, a new tendency immerses from her work: "neonism."