Ney, Oliver

Technique: Spray paint caps on wood

Oliver Ney is a self-taught Parisian artist born in 1982. His work evokes the pixelated image and his style is an interesting mix of urban graffiti art, pop culture and contemporary art.

At the start of the March 2020 lockdown Oliver Ney began an artistic project that had been on his mind for a while. Having collected a good number of caps from spray paint cans, he created his first work depicting "the Joker". This 3D collage created with multicolored caps was very well received by the Graffiti scene, and MTN, the international leader in spray paint, even devoted an article to this piece on their site.

Oliver contacted his spray paint dealers to encourage their customers to bring back their caps so he could collect them and use them in his artistic projects. Today, he collects hundreds of them every month and gives them a second life through his collages. He is inspired by pop culture and the graphic design that permeates his daily life. Oliver Ney is certainly an artist to follow!