Technique : Mixed media

Nemo, painter

Born in 1968 in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a land of vineyards, forests, lakes and fields.

His childhood was spent in a village with his grandfather. It was at that time that his interest in art began. Later he graduated from the Moscow Peoples University of Art, where he attended the Fine Arts Department. Influenced by his childhood memories, he creates paintings that capture places and scenes from his native home.

His first exhibition was held in 1987 in Moldova, where he received a warm reaction from art critics and viewers alike. Then he participated in the Moscow International Exhibition where he was noticed by critics as the best painter in show. Victor's experiments in art lead him to paint in style of avant-garde, surrealism, and impressionism. His travels brought him in constant search of interesting places that capture the heart of the countryside.

Recently, he discovered exciting views and landscapes of Italy, France, Moldova, USA, and Canada. Victor uses mixed media to create his scenes on canvas and board. His latest collection was recently presented at some of the biggest Art Shows in Atlanta, New York and Toronto. His paintings have become a part of personal collections in many countries.