Muñiz, Ernesto

Technique: Collage

Ernesto Muñis, artist collage

Ernesto Muniz was born in Mexico City in 1974.

He studied graphic design at Iberoamericana University and after graduating, he entered the field of photojournalism which became his way of life. He began his career at the Cuartoscuro Agency founded by Pedro Valtierra, an emeritus photographer who was awarded the National Journalism Award of Mexico, in 1983, and won the King of Spain International Journalism Award for Photography in 1998. During his time at Valtierra’s agency, Ernesto covered the Chiapas conflict, which refers to the Zapatista uprising of 1994, the Zapatista crisis of 1995, and their longer-term consequences.

Muniz then worked for the Imagenlatina Agency, directed by photographer Marco Antonio Cruz, as well as for various national newspapers such as Reforma (1998-1999), El Día (1999-2000) and the television portal (2000-2002 ). In 2006-2007, he won the Society for News Design silver medal for his report on an underground Mexican embalmer which appeared in the Journal Excelsior.

In 2007, Ernesto participated in the group exhibition 45 Miradas Mexicanas: 45 Mexican Looks organized by the Pedro Meyer Foundation at the Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangdong, China. Muniz is also the artist behind the promo image for the second season of the Narcos: Mexico series on Netflix.

At a turning point in his career, in search of a more artistic form of expression, he turned to collage. He began by displaying his guerrilla paper shrines on the streets of Mexico City.

Today, in the Beauchamp Art Galleries, he presents magnificent intricate collages that play with mythology, religion, popular culture, and present alternate realities filled with symbolism.