Morency, Patrick

Technique : Mixed media

Patrick Morency, artist

Patrick Morency was born in Montréal in 1973 where he still resides. Patrick obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Université de Québec à Montréal. He has been painting for the last twenty-odd years as well as designing and creating furniture.

Patrick Morency has always been interested in the patinas that cover everyday objects that surround us. This material matter and our daily relation to it are at the heart of his artistic developpement. His pictoral production brings the viewer to reflect upon the precarity of life and our memory through this artist's question; « What will remain after our eventual disappearance? »

To remain coherant with his subject matter, Mr. Morency uses primarily industrial products such as steel, waxes , oil paints, paint removers, etc. The artist uses these mediums to create a pure , organic vocabulary. He works in different methods; he at times ,scrapes, erases, layers and adds coats of paint leaving behind the haphazard nature inherant to the handling of each material. Painted on metallic sheets of similar dimensions, each work is prepared independently and will be united with other sheets, without regard to any possible coherence between them. Thus , it is only upon completion of each of these works that the artist can intuitively associate each work to create a poetic dialogue from which emerges feelings of rupture and unity. Patrick Morency seeks to involve the viewer to complete different shapes out of the immediate field of vision through a process of mental reconstruction.