Technique : Mixed media

MLysa, canadian artistBorn in Quebec in 1990, Marie-Lysa Lemelin is a Canadian painter, who has dedicated herself to the development of her artistic practice for nearly 10 years. Painting occupies a central place in her life: when she is not in the studio, she teaches her art at school.

Her paintings combine abstraction and figuration and are inspired by major artistic trends such as Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Through pictorial processes such as dripping, flat tint, and mixed techniques, MLysa draws inspiration from everyday life to let unique scenes emerge.

Her work has been rewarded with several prizes and scholarships, including an advanced internship at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She has participated in a dozen solo and group exhibitions in Quebec, and is currently represented by Galerie Beauchamp, an exceptional showcase that allows her to present her works in Quebec, Montreal, Baie Saint-Paul and Toronto.

‘‘Abstraction is a form of freedom that as no limits. Each gesture influences the next movement. A beautiful work on oneself which motivates us to let go to be surprised. I like the idea that the only constraints in painting are those I impose on myself and quietly exceeding them motivates me to continue this endless evolution.’’

Painting makes it possible to express emotions that go beyond words; it also makes it possible to create connections with the public. Art then becomes a vector of communication that opens the dialogue on themes that unite us, in a space of dissemination accessible to all.