Technique : Mixed media

Alex Mirovsky was born in Crimea, Ukraine in 1971. He now resides in Toronto, Canada.

As a young child, Alex was constantly exploring and nurturing his artistic abilities. With the encouragement of his parents and his own devotion to the arts, he pursued his studies in Crimea’s College of Art. He later continued his studies in the Academy of Art in Kiev. His new frame of mind required him to extend his horizons and in 1990 he immigrated to Israel where he participated in many solo and collective exhibits. Since 2007, Alex Mirovsky resides in Toronto where he continues to actively participate in displaying his art.
His paintings exude great freedom of gesture through the use of delicate brushstrokes and rigidly defined areas of textured surfaces. He creates a duality that vanishes between the play of shadows and the harmonies of colour. Through the combination of these techniques, the artist does not seek to imitate the subject with precision or detail but rather simply portray the dominant characteristics.