Millas, Josep

Technique : Oil

Josep Millas was born in Barcelona in 1962.

This Catalan self-taught artist enchants us with his Mediterranean landscapes that he brilliantly captures with his use of matte oil paint. It is quite rare that an artist is able to masterfully create such bright and calming works with this medium.

His Impressionist-style paintings invite us to a beautiful oasis of light where nature reigns, and the calm, cobalt blue sea opens to docks and moored boats. Millas paints outdoors, immersed in his settings, so he is able to depict the atmosphere that surrounds him with flair. He plays with contrasts, working his shadowed areas with a subtle blending of grey tones and then refines the details in the foreground with his spatula.

His artistic career is filled with acknowledgments and awards of all kinds. He has no less than 600 awards honouring his outstanding body of work and great mastery of colour. His paintings are found in private collections throughout Europe and the U.S. and in some museums.