Marsan, Lyse

Technique : Mixed media

Lyse Marsan was born in Quebec, Quebec, in 1947 and she learned the rudiments of painting by taking part in various workshops, both private and public. As time went by, she painted, drew, and taught while developing her own style. In 1991, she decided to paint on a full time basis. Since 1999, Marsan paints and shows regularly in Europe. Being of a very sensitive nature, Marsan is unable to remain indifferent to what surrounds her. Therefore, her paintings reflect her innermost reflections on life in general as well as depicting her personal life experiences.

Her latest creations have been triggered by her deepest reflection on the hidden mines that can be found in the most unexpected parts of the world. Feeling the urge for calming and soothing her viewers, Marsan created an explosion of beautiful comforting colours by mixing her own natural pigments as well as using gold leaf. Her well-orchestrated creations captivate one’ s attention and soul by their reassuring message of peace, tenderness, and hope. Through her great sensitivity, Marsan captures the imagination and the senses.

Moreover, Marsan’s recent paintings have hand-written poems inscribed on them, proclaiming Love and the beauty of Life. Her paintings are a true gift, who transport us into a world free of conflict where only harmony prevails.

Marsan’s active and prolific career has given her access to the highest spheres of the artistic society. In 1999, Marsan exposed at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Even nowadays, she benefits from the many honorific prizes, mentions, expositions, and all other distinctions.

Prizes and honours

  • 2007 - Commissioned guest at the Marius Barbeau Museum, St-Joseph de Beauce
  • 2001 - Honour mention SNBA, Paris, France
  • 1999 - Artist chosen by jury to represent Quebec and by the UFACSI, France
  • 1999 - Gold medal of merit and devotion, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
  • 1997 - 3rd prize, Symposium de la francophonie, Chatellerault, France