Lucketti, Astrid

Technique: acrylicAstrid Lucketti, artiste peintre

Astrid Lucketti is a French artist born in 1986, she is now emerging in the Parisian art scene. At a young age, she was introduced to various forms of visual arts through her family members. To indulge her creative curiosity, she studied architecture and design while exploring her own artistic path as an independent and self-taught artist for ten years.

Her work surrounds the theme of light; mainly through a study of the various symbolism that it evokes. The artist uses a variety of materials such as cardboard, metal and wood to build her works. Gray cardboard represents the notion of past / present / future time, because it is a recycled material. She modifies the forms by painting its undulations to correspond to the evolution of man throughout his life (mind, psyche and body). Paper, a material that symbolizes the transmission of knowledge is as fragile as it is strong and powerful; we can tear it, but it can just as easily cut us. In her approach to colour, she uses a lot of black for its symbolism linked to darkness and the unknown. In contrast, gold speaks to us of light and freedom. White shows innocence and wisdom and blue is used to speak the truth.

She is exhibited in art galleries around the world and participates in several international art fairs. The artist likes to collaborate to shake up her traditional mediums, which stimulates and delights her. A few projects of note were completed for Harley-Davidson, Ducati and KTM for whom she produced an extraordinary triptych.