Levin, Betina

Technique : Mixed media

Betina Levin, painter

Betina Levin is an artist, teacher and psychologist who lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her creative work, the experiences of life prevail over knowledge and technique. She explores the themes of spontaneity and unpredictability, and works with the impressions left by her memories. Through abstract landscapes, the artist depicts fleeting and ineffable times. One can feel the shimmer of twilight, the glow of a sunset, or clouds dancing around a mountain.

Delicate touches of azure blue, sizzling red, or metallic silver create a look that suggests elegance and refinement. Her scenes are expertly developed and her passion for creation is felt. Her compositions are lovingly made with luscious curves, geometric shapes, dripping line work, and melting textures.

As a practising psychoanalyst, she uses the fine line between dreams and impressions to portray the subconscious with gorgeous colours and creativity. She creates a world in which we tend to blend in, that resonates in the echo of our distant memories.

Since 2003, Levin has exhibited in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, Argentina, Britain, Canada and the United States.