Lemieux, Danièle

Technique : Oil

Danièle Lemieux, artist

Danièle Lemieux was born in Rosemere, Quebec, Canada, in 1959.

After obtaining a Diploma in Graphic Design from Dawson College in Montreal, Danièle Lemieux pursued her art studies at the Westmount Visual Arts Center, Quebec.

Her work is a celebration of humanity as represented by the universally familiar.The artist seeks to instil the commonplace with the same reverence given by 17th century masters to objects conveying wealth and social position. The objects painted in this manner become an invitation to revisit the quiet dignity and poetry of the basic form. They are symbolic of the desire to return to that which is true. Her subjects, fruit, vegetables, bowls, jugs, pots, are largely rendered to scale, honouring the true relationship of man to object. Her palette is also limited, the artist allowing tonal values to dominate and create drama. The artist's eye dismisses the superfluous, seeking harmony and peace. Danièle Lemieux's paintings offer the viewer a place where order replaces chaos, a place for contemplation.

Danièle Lemieux's paintings have been shown across Canada, in Switzerland and in the United States.

Group and solo exhibits

  • Les Femmeuses, Longueuil, Quebec
  • 2004 - Society of Canadian Artists National Open Juried Exhibition, Montreal, Quebec
  • 2004 - Seagram Gallery, Centaur Theater, Montreal, Quebec
  • 2003 - Halde Galerie Wilden, Switzerland


  • 2006 - Montreal Symphony Orchestra Calendar
  • 2005 - How did you paint that - Still life
  • 2005 - How did you paint that
  • 2004 - Favorite subjects