Larose, Sylvie

Technique : Oil

Sylvie Larose was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1953.

Sylvie Larose has a degree in Graphic Arts. She practiced the art of portraiture, using both pastel and watercolour mediums for many years. According to Larose, it is the use of oil that gave her the greatest liberty of execution while allowing her to take a distance from portraiture. She writes: “Paradoxally, it is no longer the realistic traits that I enjoy representing, but the reflection of a personality, the state of being, the essence of a person.” In Larose’s work, the treatment of line is of great importance. It accentuates the forms while containing the emotions of her figures. Also of importance in her work, is the background which often is the object of ingenious manipulations: she often uses a rag or the palm of her hand to create a very soft and warm, almost nostalgic, ambiance for her solitary beings.

Media coverage 

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