Labbé, Annie

Technique : Mixed media

Annie Labbé, artist

Annie Labbé is a Quebec artist. Born in 1979 in Limoilou, she grew up in Charlesbourg, and now lives in Lévis.

She was introduced to photography at the age of 14, and chose to continue her studies in fine arts at Cégep de Sainte-Foy. In 2003, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media from Laval University. After experimenting with many mediums including drawing, installation, sculpture and of course photography, the artist discovered that painting was her true passion. The artist took time to travel around the world, and realized that the river close to her home was a big source of inspiration and fascinated the artist at a crucial time in her career. The first works from her "Landscapes" series were soon created, depicting her favourite subject.

When the South Shore became her new environment in 2002, the artist began to see her hometown with a very different point of view, through boarding the ferry that departs and approaches the shore, and discovering l’île d’Orléans. These vast expanses continue to fill her imagination. Occasionally, she enjoys taking photographs while walking on the shore or during her ferry trip. These photos of the places she experiences every day, are interpreted in her paintings by simplifying the scene, while retaining the main elements like the horizon.

Annie Labbé's landscapes revolve around the theme of territory, which is both the anchor and constant thread running through her work. The purified composition is created after numerous observations and photographs by the artist, and is indicative of the vastness of places and references the notion of space, borders and boundaries. The artist also explores these themes more recently, in her series "Square" and "Architecture". In her work, she explores her thoughts on the territory, and the relationship we have with it.

Media Coverage 

  • Parcours, March edition 2011, p.76-77
  • Magazin’Art, Summer edition 2008, article p. 71-73
  • Journal de l’université Laval, May edition 2003, p. 5

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2007 - Restaurant du Clocher Penché
  • 2016 - exhibition « Parcours » at the Galerie d’art des Deux-Ponts at Saint-Nicolas (Lévis)

Permanent Exhibitions

  • 2007-today - Beauchamp Art Galleries in Québec, Montréal, Baie-Saint-Paul and Toronto
  • 2016-today - Whistler Contemporary Gallery at Whistler, British-Columbia


  • 2011-today - La Nuit des galeries, in Québec
  • 2014-today - Rêves d’automne, at Baie-Saint-Paul
  • 2015 - Fundraiser for the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Lévis
  • 2013 - Auction of artworks for the Red Cross
  • 2008-2013 - Creative workshops for young children,
  • 2010 - Femmes 2010, event for the fondation Centre de réadaptation Ubald-Villeneuve at the Parlement of Québec

Public and private collections

  • Institut coopératif Desjardins
  • Intact Assurances
  • Norton Rose
  • Orlando Corporation
  • Hôtel Le Priori
  • Metro Toronto Convention Center (MTCC)
  • Campion Design
  • Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
  • Exceldor
  • Allen and many more