Kracov, David

Technique : Sculpture

David Kracov, whose paintbrush is guided by the ever-changing muse of pop culture, whose clay is shaped by the witty puns of the English language, and whose designs are brought to life by his literary prowess, has left his unmistakable fingerprint on the world of modern art. Sculptor, painter, and animator, his hands have also helped shape landmark movies including The Lion King and The Swan Princess; David truly understands how to capture the hearts of young and old alike.

Building his portfolio since the age of 12, when he was featured as one of the youngest artists ever to showcase in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, David developed his raw talent by pursuing and receiving a degree from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

Beginning as a child artist, David’s youthful and untainted passion has remained his canvas throughout his lifetime of work. After creating the world-famous sculpture commissioned by the Holocaust Museum of St Petersburg, Florida which depicts the Tazmanian Devil tearing the roof off of a boxcar to release hundreds of hand-painted butterflies—which represent the souls of the 1 million children who lost their lives in the Holocaust—David’s artwork has been forever changed. David now adds one single butterfly to every piece that he creates, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden. This butterfly—this tribute to the delicacy and value of a child’s life—has become David’s signature trademark.

Reflections as a tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11, David created the metal wall sculpture, “Reflections”, which depicts the New York skyline, with his signature butterflies soaring towards the sky, where the Towers once stood. In the reflections below, the Towers can be seen. Sculptures from this edition adorn the walls of several prominent New York real estate tycoons.

David’s passion for children extends far beyond his frames; he has paved the road into the unexplored genre of “Lifesaving Art.” After inspiring so many children through his work with animation and helping adults reconnect with their youthful curiosity through his metal sculptures and shadowboxes, David has recently created a line of artwork to literally save the lives of children in critical need. This line has already raised thousands of dollars for Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl—the only organization in the world that permanently evacuates and treats sick children from the Chernobyl region. To date, with the help of David, CCOC has saved the lives of over 2,600 children.

David’s sculptures are included in the collections of several of Hollywood’s elite entertainment names, including Steven Spielberg, Matt Damon, Judy Sheindlin, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Whoopi Goldberg, Joel Silver, and Richard Donner. (Text from the artist’s website)