Jean, Melissa

Technique: Acrylic

Melissa Jean is a Canadian artist who paints on location throughout the country as well as in her Northwestern Ontario studio, near Lake of the Woods. Surrounded by the wild, she brings her daily encounters with nature into every painting. Melissa captures the dance of light, the rhythm of water and the strength of the Canadian landscape in unique ways. There is truth in her work. She describes her style as “Idealism” as opposed to hyper realism. Working during the magic hours of day, Melissa paints the ideal; the best parts of every day, the unforgettable moments in life and the undiscovered treasures of Canadian nature.

Describing her process, she says, “I have an irresistible and unstoppable urge to create that opens the studio door each morning. Painting is simply a by-product of loving what I see. I find inspiration especially from the lakes and forests that surround my studio and home. There is an endless amount of subject matter all around me, and an endless sense of wonder inside.”

Her artwork can be found in public and private collections worldwide, and in galleries across Canada.