Henderson, Elena

Technique: Acrylic

Elena Henderson, painterElena Henderson came to Canada from Moscow, Russia, in 1996. Since then, she graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto with degree in Design. She resides and works as a full-time artist at her studio in Orangeville, Ontario. Now, she is working on her new floral abstract series, using variety of acrylic textured paint and mixed media. Her style is sophisticated and elegant, her colour palette is unique and fresh and her shapes are organic and electrifying.

Artist Statement

"I became an artist to translate the surrounding world into my own language. I transform my emotions into artworks that say more about me than anything else. The only time I am truly content is when I have a chance to create. My paintings are an emotional manifesto, which emphasize ultimate visual impact. My uncontrolled imagination is a crucial part of my work and the greatest formation of my visual language. I use my brush as a powerful tool of self-expression. I transform simple and refined shapes into dramatic scenery of graceful forms, textures and brilliant colours. This is where they combine to become a true reflection of our forever changing world."