Grégoire, Anioclès

Technique: Bronze

Anioclès Grégoire, sculptorAnioclès Gregoire defines himself more as an explorer than an artist. After being trained in iron and plaster casting at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Gregoire worked with Haitian Master Sculptors where he learned about the voodoo of Haitian art, as well as primitive African art. This multi-talented artist (sculptor, castor, painter and designer), is inspired partially by traditional African art but equally by modern day influences.

Included among his masterpieces, are sculptures of Haitian singers Coupe Cloue and Martha Jean-Claude, as well as his model design of the historical monument dedicated to those Haitian Soldiers who participation the American War of Independence. Many busts of important Haitian figures can be found in his workshop, including one of writer Dany Laferriere. It can be said that Aniocles Gregoire works to fight against society's tendency to forget the past. He is presently working on a giant cultural family tree which will measure 25 feet, and represent important dignitaries blooming from the branches.