Goldsmith, Ron

Technique: Mixed media

Ron Goldsmith is a pop and conceptual artist, born in Paris in 1982.

Artistic Approach

The idea for his wall mounted boxes came from an amusing incident in a cafe. He had overheard a man explaining to a friend the difficultly of acquiring an Amex Centurion card and for that amount of trouble, he should frame it to protect and display it. It was from this innocuous little moment that he got the idea to take this mans statement literally and launch his “emergency box” series.

Humorous, provocative, self-deprecating, and even seeking to denounce this society of consumerism, Ron Goldsmith wishes to challenge society through his boxes. Entirely constructed and painted by hand, they boast a certain know-how. The idea is not to mass-produce these objects, which would contradict the critique that the artist wants to put forward. These amazing works of art are certainly worth adding to your collection!