Goffman, Oleg

Technique: Mixed media

Oleg Goffman is a painter born in 1963 in Odessa, Ukraine. He attended art school in his hometown and moved to Toronto in 1992. He still resides there with his family, and continues his painting practice. The artist’s works can be seen in several galleries throughout Europe and North America.

After moving to Canada, Oleg Goffman found inspiration the Group of the Seven and their nature paintings. It was through these artists, in addition to his own exploration of Canadian forests, that he developed his current artistic style. Goffman’s other great source of inspiration came from his father, a sculptor. From a young age, he watched him work for many hours in his studio. This led him to develop the style of works he creates today, which are very textured paintings, almost like sculptures on canvas. Each element of his paintings is sculpted with a spatula and then painted in vibrant acrylic color.