Giguère, Mélanie

Technique: Mixed media on wood

Mélanie Giguère, painterMélanie Giguère is originally from Quebec and is an artist at heart who is passionate about painting, photography and fashion. Since childhood, she has felt the need to create and connect with the world around her. At the age of 10, she enrolled in her first oil painting class and it served as the beginning of a beautiful love affair with the visual arts. The first step in her fine arts education was to complete a Fashion Design program. After graduating in 2000, she obtained the position of Fashion Designer for the renowned Maison Simons, which she held for several years.


Artistic Approach

The desire to convey emotions through movement and mysticism of her characters is what drives her creative process. Using a unique technique she developed herself, Melanie gives life to her paintings by shaping and folding layers of the canvas into flowing forms. With her desire to express a specific emotion, it is important that she works spontaneously. Impasto spatula techniques, airbrushing and gestural painting to the rhythm of music, are some of the ways she expresses the emotion and passion within her. (Text taken from the artist's website)