Garcia, Santiago

Technique: Acrylic

Santiago Garcia’s work explores the wondrous, colourful and always intriguing differences between figuration and abstraction. By contextualizing reality, this Uruguayan artist’s work raises absurd situations within a framework of the everyday world such that the observer can freely interpret the content. Garcia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1974. A self-taught painter, Garcia produced an immense body of work in his early years. During the mid-1990s, under an art scholarship with the University of Uruguay, he studied under master engraver Eduardo Fornasari, master painter Clever Lara and acclaimed ceramicist Susana Pizzurno. In 1998, Garcia obtained a grant from the Museum of American Art of Maldonado for drawing and painting studies with the master painter Miguel Angel Battegazzore. He worked as an assistant to the Argentinean painter Rogelio Polesello for an exhibition at the Museum of American Art of Maldonado, Uruguay. For the exhibition, he produced murals for Juvenalia 98 and the subsequent exhibition at La Rural del Prado in Montevideo.

Santiago Garcia has been exposing extensively in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the United States for over 15 years.