Garceau, Lynn

Technique: Acrylic, watercolour

Lynn Garceau, artist

Lynn Garceau was born in Grand-Mère, Quebec, in 1960.

Lynn Garceau was introduced to painting by her mother at a very young age. In 1992, she discovered that the spontaneous nature of watercolour was well suited to her personality. Garceau’s new interest quickly became a passion as she studied and worked with different well known Quebec watercolorists. Today she works mainly with acrylic, a medium she handles with the same ease and spontaneity as watercolour.

Media coverage

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  • Caisse Populaire Desjardins, Shawinigan
  • Centre des arts, Shawinigan
  • Dr. Robert Huot, d.d.s.
  • Sorico inc.
  • Clinique Médicale London, Quebec
  • Info Espaces SIPM, Quebec
  • Beauchamp and Gilbert, Notaries
  • The Godin Guitar Company

Prizes and distinctions

  • Bronze medal received during an exhibition at the Beffroi of Bruges, in Belgium, 2017
  • Ogilvy Prize, Salon SCA, 2000
  • 1st prize, Grand-Mère centennial celebrations, 1998