Froment, Julien

Technique: Oil

Julien Froment, painterBorn in Crabtree, Québec in 1944, Julien Froment worked in the education field at the high school and university levels for over twenty years. After discovering his passion for painting, he enrolled in drawing workshops at l’École des Beaux-Arts. In 1988, after exhibiting in numerous galleries in Quebec and throughout Canada and abroad (New York, France), he abandoned his career in education to devote himself solely to painting. At the age of 44 he returned to his true love of painting, which he has been practicing for 30 years now.

A man of tradition and family values, Julien Froment purchased his parents’ home, the one he grew up in. It is located near a stream, surrounded by trees, and is a great inspiration for his paintings. Countryside landscapes have always influenced him, like the beautiful views of Charlevoix, Canadian houses with their original paint colours, and winding valleys and streams. His painted landscapes are imaginary, inspired by his memories and the great landscape artists of Quebec and Canada that he loves. His solid areas of color appear brighter on the black backgrounds of his compositions. Vast, northern space is a recurring theme, and winter scenes are very frequently depicted in his work. The cold season evokes a calm tranquility within him.

Julien Froment's paintings have earned him several accolades, including the first prize in the oil category at the "Grand prix de la Peinture Canadienne" under the theme "new masters of image". In addition, the artist has been awarded two tricolor medals as a guest of honor of the best artists in France and has been featured in numerous magazine articles, art books, and television segments. His paintings are imbued with a touch of naivety that provides a sensitive side to his unique interpretation of landscapes. Thousands of people from Quebec, Canada, the United States and Europe have visited him at his workshop "Les Blés d’Art" where he welcomes guests with pleasure. A landscape painter with great sensitivity, Julien Froment depicts the true poetry of nature.