Technique: Acrylic

Flow alias Arnaud Florentin, painterArnaud Florentin, aka. Flow, was born in Nancy, France in 1978.

In his hometown of Nancy, he studied visual arts at l’École Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts. This classic training allowed him to develop his techniques and open himself up to other artistic fields. Following his studies, he left this structured experience to return to his previous love: the practice of his own instinctive and spontaneous art. This developed an artistic career stimulated by a deep need to create, evident since his formative high school years. The energy expressed in the works by Flow plunge us into an aerial and evanescent aesthetic. His unique approach is already easily identifiable.

"Influenced by Action Painting and Expressionism, my painting style is a perpetual search for movement and gestural work. Through dripping techniques, faces appear by pouring and projecting the paint on the canvas without ever touching it, creating unforeseen elements of freedom. This technique is particularly sensitive to gesture and movement and is completely unpredictable. The painting must live, overflow, explode, surprise, and touch the soul,” he explains.

The techniques mastered and explored by the artist are varied, though his subjects are even more numerous. In addition to portraits of both famous and unknown characters, the artist represents the contemporary world through scenes inspired by music, sports, urban life and popular icons, the human body, animals and even insects.

In more recent years, the artist has taken part in many contemporary art exhibitions, gaining recognition throughout world, as far as Korea; he exhibits his works in galleries globally and continues to hone his technique.