Fleury, Hélène

Technique: Mixed media

Hélène Fleury, painterHélène Fleury was born in 1959.

Drawing, sculpting and the creation of all sorts have always been a natural necessity for her. Wanting to learn directly from the masters themselves, Fleury interrupted her studies in Visual Arts at Laval University in Quebec City. She then learned all she knows from professional portraitists.

As of today, Fleury creates a wide range of art pieces. She can perform "street portraits" as well as work under the name of "Atelier Dufaux", Fleury' s own enterprise. Here, she teaches the technique of "trompe-l'oeil" as well as being the coordinator and artistic director of various artistic contracts.

Her company is well-known for having produced the multitude of murals found in the heart of the Old Quebec and those in Sherbrooke. Being the multidisciplinary artist that she is, Fleury also sculpts.

In recent years, she has worked avidly, painting in her studio with oil paint and varnish as her medium. Her paintings can now be found in various art galleries.

Media coverage 

  • Parcours, summer 2006 edition, article pg. 34-35 in both French and English.