Ernst, Suzanne

Technique: Mixed Media

Using a mix of photography, oil and acrylic paint, pastel and pencil crayon, Suzanne's images attempt to unveil hidden complexities and infinite beauty in the landscapes that she encounters. Her work offers a whimsical perception of her environmental surroundings, exposing and enhancing the vibrant colours, intricate patterns and textures that are often overlooked.

Formally trained as a landscape architect, she looks to the city and landscapes that she inhabits, and uses photography as a means of exploration and discovery. Experiencing and recording the landscape as it is altered with the passing of time over the course of the day, and even year, allows for a continued rediscovery of place. She is greatly inspired by the writings of Charles Baudelaire on the flâneur, Richard Long’s work made by walking journeys through landscapes, and the writings of Guy Debord, Andre Breton, and the Situationists International.