Duberger, Paul-Henri

Technique: Oil


Paul-Henri Duberger, painterBorn in Matane, Quebec, in 1939, Paul-Henri Duberger passed away in 2012 in the Quebec City area.

It is in all modesty that Paul-Henri Duberger speaks of himself as being a self-taught artist. However, as we look closer to how he evolved, we discover that it is under the direction of great Quebec painters such as Iacurto and Maurice LeBon, that he began to paint. It is also at that time that he discovered and worked with Emile A. Gruppe, an American master of the Gloucester School of Impressionism. He took lessons with Mr. Emile A. Gruppe and since then, he goes to Gloucester every summer to paint it's magnificent harbour. An accomplished artist, it is with great energy and sensitivity that he captures the essence of the Quebec landscapes.

Media coverage

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  • Magazin’ Art, winter 2001 edition, article pg.72 (French version), pg.104 (English version)
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Prizes and honours

  • 1st prize, La Farandole, Sillery, Quebec, 1980
  • Sarcelle Étain Prize, Canards Illimités Canada, 2002
  • President of jury and speaker at the Symposium de St-Germain de Kamouraska, 2004


  • Ambassador of the United States in Canada
  • Cercle de la Garnison, Quebec
  • Château Montebello, Quebec
  • Provigo
  • Lépine-Cloutier
  • Métro A. Gagnon
  • Nurun
  • Société Générale du Financement
  • Groupe assurance Desjardins
  • Ondéo-Degrèmond, Montreal
  • Bonhams 1793 Ltd, London, England
  • St-Amour et Ass., Montreal
  • Sogique inc.