Coulombe Bégin, Cynthia

Technique: Acrylic

Cynthia Coulombe Bégin, painterCynthia Coulombe Bégin, is a dual citizen of North America. She was born in Miami in 1984 and grew up in Quebec City where she obtained a degree in the visual arts at Laval University in 2006. To develop her own visual language, Cynthia was taught fundamental artistic techniques by her parents at a young age. Moreover, dance and martial arts allowed her to develop her figurative aesthetics, which she uses in her portraits. Upon graduating, Cynthia prepared her first solo exhibition at the Marius Barbeau Museum entitled Traces Corporelles. Since then, she has built her career by exhibiting in various galleries, winning awards and participating in collective events between Miami and Quebec City.

Inspired by the body and the human experience, Cynthia’s creative approach involves the reconstitution of the body and asks the viewer to reflect on their own identity and existence. Referring to the body and its evolution, she develops her research through portraiture, temporal effects and textures. Through her work, she presents her thoughts on the soul, matter, consciousness and the universe.

Cynthia Coulombe Bégin has participated in numerous painting events in Canada and the United States and has exhibited her work in numerous private collections in Europe, South America and Australia.