Technique: Acrylic

Marcel Côté, painterBorn in 1961 in Limoilou, Quebec, Marcel Côté now resides in a small village just outside of Quebec City.

Marcel Côté is a self-taught artist who began to paint in his early twenties. He developed an affinity for bright and vibrant colours at the very beginning of his career. After exploring various themes, he chose wildflowers. Côté finds that when it comes to his personal and aesthetic expression, flowers give him the greatest level of liberty. His style is very expressive and his colours are extremely vibrant. His voluptuous flowers leave none indifferent. He sometimes lets the canvas show through the thick layers of paint, creating a dramatic and luminous effect. Using the palette knife one minute and the brush the next, Côté's "dragonfly" flowers, as well as his bouquets, leave one "spellbound".

Media coverage

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  • Le Soleil, daily newspaper, Quebec, 2002
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  • Just for Laughs Museum, Montreal
  • Government of Quebec
  • Government of Canada
  • GAP, United States
  • Canadian Royal Mint, Cognicase, AT&T Canada
  • Collection Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva
  • Abu Dhabi Men's College, United Arab Emirates
  • Cognicase
  • CPG Technologie inc.
  • Rotary Club International
  • Andrès Wines Ltd.

Prizes and honours

  • 2005 - Artist chosen to represent the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Club in Chicago
  • 2001 - work selected for the Just for Laughs Festival, Homage to Piccolo
  • Work selected and presented to the High Commission of Human Rights, United Nations, Geneva.