Copeland, Patricia

Technique: Oil

Patricia Copeland, painterPatricia Copeland was born in Montbéliard, France. When she was six, she immigrated to Quebec with her family. She spent much of her youth in the Eastern Townships, and moved to Quebec City, where she lived for ten years. Today, she lives and works in Montreal.

Professionally, Patricia has always been involved in the media: newspaper, radio, television and magazines. Only since 2010 she found a refuge in painting, and a desire to let her creative side emerge. It became a way for her to express herself, to let go, and to realize her dreams. Her approach is spontaneous, leaving the whole artwork to be developed with emotion and moment. In her sweet, isolated nature, she likes to be alone with her canvas and her tools of creation. She is passionate, dynamic and highly imaginative, and her primary sources of inspiration are music, painting, writing, drawing and photography.

"Often it is a surge of the heart, quite simply, I let it flow by depositing the emotion of the moment when a form of freedom takes over me and transports me to a place where the need for creation seems inexhaustible. It's an extraordinary happiness that I have chosen to externalize. My paintings often start by randomly applying the first layers of paint, finishing with a greater search for harmony in my composition. Constantly in search of balance, my paintings evolve with the work and mastery of my technique.

I use various methods: transparent layers or an application of thick layers of paint, I use brushes or a spatula and sometimes other tools that come to my imagination." Patricia Copeland