Constantineau, Fleurimond

Technique: Oil, pencil, pastel, watercolor


Fleurimond Constantineau studied at the newly founded École des Beaux-Arts of Montreal. He earned his diploma in 1931 and just one year later exhibited two paintings at the Art Association of Montreal's Spring Exhibition, in which he would participate for the next fifteen years.

In 1935, along with his sculptor and painter friends, he founded a company that created floats for various parades in Greater Montreal, that lasted till the 1960s. During that same period, he taught drawing in many schools.

His pictorial work reflects his numerous voyages to Europe, Africa and across Canada. Fleurimond Constantineau's paintings show his love for Quebec's Far North, which he has visited six times in twenty years. To his great credit, he promoted Quebec's Far North through his exquisite paintings of the landscape and its people.

Media Coverage

  • Cap-aux-Diamants, magazine, Winter 1999
  • Magazin'art, September, 1998
  • La Presse , La Patrie , The Gazette, newspapers and weeklies, several articles

Public Collections

  • Alcan
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Caisse populaire Desjardins
  • Government of Canada, Ottawa
  • Hovey Manor, North Hatley
  • Lord Mansion, USA
  • SNC Lavalin, Montreal
  • City of Montreal


  • Nord, Journal des Affaires Indiennes et du Nord Canadien, 1981
  • Gold Medal, Government of France
  • Medal in drawing, painting and sculpture, École des Beaux-arts de Montréal


  • Musée du Québec
  • National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa